Learn the language of your female body so you can naturally avoid pregnancy or consciously conceive
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FAM is a life skill that all women should have learned in their teens - to understand their body at the very least!

Unfortunately, we weren't empowered with this knowledge and most women follow their Dr's advice to go on hormonal birth control to deal with their need to avoid pregnancy. 

But more and more women are waking up to the nasty side effects of the hormonal birth control and are connecting to their deep desire to be in their natural state. 

Switching off the menstrual cycle is not the only way to avoid pregnancy! Welcome to the Fertility Awareness Method! 

The method I teach in this program is +99% effective at avoiding pregnancy! 

This course will not only teach you the essentials to avoid pregnancy but also help you understand sooo much about your amazing female body, hormones and menstrual cycle. 

Women often leave this program with a new found love and appreciation for their female body. 



How will the 1-on-1 FAM program work?


This 3-month course will teach you the trusted FAM method through +15 pre-recorded classes, drip fed to you over the three months, so you can watch them at your convenience, and learn in a slow integrated way. No overwhelm here!

There is a lot of information to learn to use the method correctly, and that's why all good FAM teachers teach over 3-months, so you learn a certain amount of knowledge, practice it and embody it before learning the next level of information. 

You can trust that everything in this program is designed to help you succeed at learning and understanding this method and skill for life. 

We will will have a coaching call once a month to review your charts and for Jaime to provide feedback on what she is seeing both in your charting practice and your hormonal health. This is the opportunity to ask and clarify your questions and gain confidence in your practice. Jaime is with you the whole way.  

3-month Program Outline

Module 1: Know your female body 

  • Get Started with the correct App and Thermometer 
  • Your Female anatomy & hormones
  • How to read your fertility signs associated with the menstrual cycle
  • How to chart your fertility signs (Cervical Fluid & BBT)
  • How to confidently identify ovulation!
  • FAM Guidance to avoid pregnancy (cycle 1 rules)


Module 2: Charting for health

  • What is a normal & healthy cycle?
  • How to spot hormonal imbalances and navigate your charting practice!
  • How to accurately predict menstruation
  • Understanding the calculation rules for CF & BBT
  • Review other charts to test your understanding
  • FAM Guidance to avoid pregnancy (cycle 2 rules)

Module 3: Embody FAM for life

  • How to read your charts (for now and future)
  • Learn 2x additional biomarkers to observe & chart for extra safety (cervix & LH testing) for extra safety!
  • Review other charts to test your understanding
  • FAM Guidance to avoid pregnancy (cycle 3 rules - for Future)
  • Intro to Menstrual Cycle Awareness for Cyclical Living & emotional management 


Monthly 1-on-1 Calls (30mins)

  • Together we review your charting practice, your charts, hormonal health and Jaime will provide feedback to support you in the month ahead. In addition you may ask any questions that you have.


Printable PDF Guide & charting materials included

"I felt tired, disconnected & had low libido. Now I feel liberated, safe, free from fear & in deep connection with my female body and yoni. My love making is better, because I am now free in my mind." 
                Aurelie, Israel
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What You'll Receive

1 x 20min consultation with Jaime Lauren

Learn the FAM method over 3 cycles (3 modules of pre-recorded education)

3 x 30min coaching sessions with Jaime Lauren to read your charts and to make sure you understand the method for your unique cycle!

Printable charting materials and reference material 

Lifetime access to the recorded material

3 months FREE charting with Read Your Body App

Community Facebook group

BONUS: bonus content supportive for understanding your menstrual cycle and connecting to your feminine flow

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By joining this course you will...

Learn a +99% trusted method of Natural Birth Control that aligns with your values and health
​~ Develop a charting practice so you know exactly where in the cycle you are and what that means for your overall health
​​~ Understand what a healthy menstrual cycle looks like and the signs of hormonal imbalance for maintaining overall health & wellbeing
~ Gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for your female body by receiving the education you wish you'd received at school
~ Re-frame your relationship with fertility, feeling empowered by it rather than confused!
~ Increase your sensitivity and enhance your sensuality

What women are saying

This education is essential for every woman

 “Jaime helped me to understand my menstrual cycle. I feel confident in Jaime's scientific approach to contraception and am using her advice to prevent conceiving. Until I'm ready to have a baby, and then I will be using the same FAM tracking to help me conceive!

This education is for every woman. It’s essential knowledge, no matter what life stage you are in. It’s information that I wish I had been taught as soon as I had a menstrual cycle. I highly recommend Jaime, it was such an amazing course!"

— Alexandra, Sydney

From Frustrated and Confused, to feeling Empowered, Connected and Free in my body

"This course is such a beautiful way of learning about yourself, it goes way beyond learning for just contraception needs.

Before learning this education, I couldn't fully relax in the bedroom due to the fear and the unknown, but learning this method took a load off my mind. I feel a lot more in control of my body now.

It feels like something every woman needs to learn. I am shocked that they don't teach this in schools. Beyond that, the space Jaime holds is so open, honest and from an open heart. She is such a beautiful space holder, I am grateful for you keeping me accountable on this journey.”

— Tyneil, Australia

I developed a deeper trust in my body's innate wisdom 

"Jaime has hands down rocked my world as a FAM Coach. I’ve come out with a deeper appreciation, curiosity, intuition and knowledge about my cycle, body and overall health. I can safely say that with the tools Jaime has provided me, I look forward to using this natural approach to birth control.

Thank you Jaime for helping me develop such a deeper trust in my body's innate wisdom. You've inspired me to walk the path of greater freedom as a healthy, whole woman."

— Tiffany, New York 

Stripped down so many cultural layers that weren't in alignment with my feminine essence


“Every woman should take this course! I feel so empowered now that I understand what is going on within my body throughout each cycle. I've been able to strip down so many cultural layers that weren't in alignment with my feminine essence and I now have a deeper relationship with myself as a whole.

I've been applying Jaime's menstrual teachings to my everyday life and will continue to do so. I'm so grateful I said yes to loving and learning about my body as a woman.”

— Areli, Thailand

I developed a strong sense of connection with my womb and my body


"The content of the course was excellent; a good balance of science with spirituality, interesting, well structured. It really helped me to learn about and understand my cycle.

The womb yoga gave me a deeply connected experience with my body. I developed an understanding of my own body's cycle, rhythm, and flow, which gave me a strong sense of connection.

I feel very grateful to have learned from Jaime who is a beautiful soul. She's a knowledgeable and experienced facilitator, and her passion comes through in every element of the course. She is playful, kind, and fun, with the right amount of humor and lightheartedness.

I highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in their own body, how it works, and how their menstrual cycle affects every day of their life.

— Sammy, Wales

About your FAM Educator

I couldn't believe my luck when I found this method many years ago. I genuinely didn't believe it at first. I was skeptical, wondering, why don't I know of this already if it really works?

But I wanted a natural method of birth control, it wasn't something I could compromise on anymore and I couldn't find anything else, so I gave FAM a go.

Needless to say, it changed my life! I felt connected to my body in a way I didn't know was possible. I felt empowered as I was managing my fertility naturally and my love-making improved due to feeling safer in the bedroom.

I couldn't keep this gift to myself, I knew EVERY WOMAN must benefit from this education. So I studied and qualified to teach the method, and since then, I have taught many women just like you to read their body to avoid Pregnancy (with 100% success rate) and to develop deep trust in the method and their body. 

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