Hi, I’m Jaime, the Founder of Cyclical Living for Women 

I'm a Holistic Menstrual Coach, Fertility Awareness & Somatic Educator

The Education I share, is absolutely ESSENTIAL for every woman no matter what life path you're on. It should be taught in our educational system. 

My teachings are grounded in science but bridge the emotional and psycho-spiritual world of living in a female body. This is what makes my work so relatable and practical for many women. 

I teach menstruators the Natural Birth Control Method (FAM) so they can let go of the FEAR of unwanted pregnancy and have better love making!

Learning the language of your Female Body Empowers you to reconnect to the Wisdom within, to feel Confident in your body and access Greater Pleasure in the bedroom Are you ready for that?

Calling all the Yoga Teachers, Coaches, Healers, Health Practitioners, Self Discovery Babes & Future Womb Educators

We created this Embodied Menstrual Cycle Educator Certification program because we believe that every menstruating human has the right to better understand how their cycle functions, know how to support their changing needs, and deserves to fall completely in love with their womb, bleed and cyclical selves.

This certification exists so you can finally get the menstrual cycle education you deserve AND you can create a positive impact by sharing this womb wisdom with other women in your community.

The menstrual movement starts with YOU!


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I now have a deeper relationship with myself as a whole

 ‚Äč“Every woman should learn this! I feel so empowered now that I understand what is going on within my body throughout each cycle. I've been able to strip down so many cultural layers that weren't in alignment with my feminine essence." 

— Areli, Costa Rica

My period returned after 18 months of not having one!

"When I joined 'Love Your Cycle' I had not had a period for 1.5 years! I was so happy to have my flow return during the course! I recommend this course to anyone wanting to connect with and heal their menstrual cycle."

— Chelsea, Sydney

Feeling Empowered, Connected & Free in my body

"Fertility Awareness feels like something EVERY woman needs to learn. I'm shocked that they don't teach this in schools. Beyond that, the space Jaime holds is so open, honest and heart-centered. I am grateful for you.”

— Tyneil, Australia

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