Hi Loves, I’m Jaime, the Founder of Cyclical Living for Women 

I'm a Menstrual Cycle, Somatic Educator & Natural Birth Control Instructor

The education I share is absolutely ESSENTIAL for every menstruating woman no matter what life path you're on. I firmly believe that this should be taught in our educational system.

Through education, somatic exploration and feminine embodiment experiences, I guide women to liberate themself from the deep patriarchal and capitalist conditioning. Guiding women to reclaim their female body, their menstrual cycle, and to re-sensitise so they can attune to the wisdom of their body.

It’s from this place that you can confidently show up in the world as your whole, authentic self. Feeling a deep sense of inner-safety to cultivate the life that you desire. 

My teachings are grounded in science but bridge the emotional and psycho-spiritual world. This is what makes my work so accessible, relatable and practical to integrate into everyday life.

  Cyclical Living Signature Programs

​“Jaime really helped me get back in touch with the rhythms of my body and nervous system. She helped me reconnect with pleasure in a way that I didn't even realize I was missing. I could feel Jaime truly cared about all of the women in the group. I highly recommend working with Jaime if you are experiencing any sense of disconnection with your body.”

Lisa ~

“Jaime helped me to understand my body in a whole new way. After being on the pill for 10-years I had no idea what was going on, I was completely disconnected from my yoni but doing this Natural Birth Control course helped me to reconnect. I have so much clarity and trust in myself now. I am so grateful I found this course.”

~ Amy ~

“As a Yoga Teacher & Reiki Practitioner, I was so happy to learn that there is a natural method of contraception, the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM). I ditched the pill a few years ago and was wishing for something like this.I've never felt more connected and in love with my body and my cycle. I am so proud to be the woman that I am. Thank you Jaime.”

~ Maddison ~

‘Demystifying Natural Birth Control Masterclass’ 

Are you wanting to avoid pregnancy naturally and hormone free? 

Wishing for a reliable method that will allow you to feel yourself, whilst feeling safe and connected in the bedroom?

In this FREE 1-hour masterclass, you’ll learn how the practice of FAM works, what the benefits are, why you can trust this 99.6% method and how it will increase your confidence and connection to yourself.

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