About Me

Hi, I am Jaime, the Founder of Cyclical Living for Women.  

I’m a Somatic Erotic Practitioner, a Holistic Menstrual Coach and a creator of transformational Feminine Embodiment journeys. 

I work with menstruating women who want to develop a deeper relationship with their feminine energy, manage their emotions (rather than feeling like their emotions manage them), and cultivate balanced energy levels to avoid those highs and lows throughout the month.

I help women fall in love with who they are and gain confidence in their body's wisdom so they trust their intuition, allowing them to create a life that is in full alignment for them.

After many years of professional training, self-study, self-practice and personal experiences, I have guided hundreds of women to experience trust with their female body and open to more pleasure and aliveness. 

My Personal Story
I spent most of my life really not loving myself.
I didn't love my body, my voice, my emotions, my sensitivity, my need for control to feel safe, my needy-ness, and the list went on. 
Learning to love my self was a long journey. But the moment that everything changed and I finally fell in love with myself, was when I understood and accepted what it meant to be a woman!
Through learning about my female body and my cyclical nature, I truly started to accept and even feel proud of all parts of my being. When I understood that I was a very different creature to a man, and I was raised in a masculine culture, my reality suddenly made more sense. 
With the tools I gained, I learnt how to experience pleasure in my body, to adore my female curves and soft edges. I found strength in my vulnerability, and serenity in letting go of control and surrendering to my flow.
I opened up to my sensitivity and welcomed the full range of emotions, allowing and experiencing more richness from life!
I feel powerful in trusting my intuition, and have created a life that is in full alignment with my soul. 
Are you ready to join me on this path?


Somatic Educator for Women - Somatic Institute for Women 2023 [12 months]

Trauma Informed Somatic Educator for Women - Somatic Institute for Women 2022 [8 months]

Fertility Awareness Method Educator, Fertility Education & Medical Management - 9month training (USA)

Somatic Erotic Educator Facilitator, Somatic Institute for Women - 3 months (Australia)

Various Menstrual short courses - Red School (online)

Tantra Sacred Dance for Women Facilitator 200hr (Thailand)

Tantra Yoga for Women 100hr (Thailand)

Holistic Yoga Teacher 200hr (Bali)

 +10 years as a Business Consultant in Corporate

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