1-on-1 Sessions & 

Mentoring Packages


Mentorship Packages: 3 or 6months 

Journey to Trust, Freedom & Empowerment

The 1-on-1 mentoring packages are designed to help the Awakening woman to build trust, freedom and safety within her body while discovering the root causes of her challenges with practical tools to transform it.

Allowing her to live an Empowered life, grounded in her cyclical nature as a woman, who is in tune with her female body and inner wisdom.

Areas I specialise in that we can address and focus on in this mentorship (but not limited to):

  • Anxiety
  • PMS
  • Period Pain
  • Reproductive Conditions & Hormonal Imbalances (including PCOS/Fibroids/Amenorrhea (missing periods)
  • Pleasure & sacred sexuality
  • Stress & burnout recovery
  • How to reconnect and¬†adopt a cyclical lifestyle. In your personal life or running your business the feminine way

Areas that this container is NOT specifically focused on: Menopause, Birth/postpartum, Depression, PMDT, Eating disorders, body dysmorphia. 

Some of the things you may experience in our work together:

  • A deeper sense of trust in yourself and your body through deepening your inner-standing of your body‚Äôs intelligence and your true nature as a woman
  • Feeling empowered with tools you can use throughout the rest of your life to navigate the emotions and experiences that life presents you with
  • Clarity on the emotional and energetic root causes of the issues you‚Äôre experiencing within your body, with tangible tools to shift it for good
  • Knowing HOW to regulate your nervous system and expand your capacity to experience the richness life has to offer you
  • Feelings of safety, nourishment, energy and freedom within your body
  • Activating your divine feminine wisdom and ancient remembering of the power within
  • How to¬†navigate your¬†life and create your dreams with a cyclical living approach

Awakening Cyclical Woman 3-months

  • 6 x 1:1 coaching sessions (2¬†per month) for the transformation work
  • Somatic Experiencing to discover¬†& process the root cause of your concerns
  • Feminine Embodiment Practices & Meditations to cultivate balance in the body (including hormones!)
  • Email support between sessions so you feel supported the whole way
  • Cycle charting materials¬†to support you with the self discovery journey of your¬†unique cyclical woman
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Embodied Cyclical Woman 6-months

  • 12 x¬†1:1 coaching sessions¬†(2¬†per month) for the transformation work
  • Somatic Experiencing¬†to discover¬†&¬†process the root cause of your concerns
  • Feminine Embodiment¬†Practices & Meditations to cultivate balance in the body (inc. hormones!)
  • Email support¬†between sessions so you feel supported the whole way
  • Cycle charting materials¬†to support you with the self discovery journey of your¬†unique¬†cyclical woman
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This Mentorship is ideal for you if you're:

  • Committed and ready to show up for yourself and do the inner and outer work to shift your reality
  • Walking the awakening path and know that deepening and healing your relationship to your body is your next step
  • Ready to be empowered into your sovereign inner authority and aren‚Äôt in victimhood around your experiences
  • Open to reflections and guidance
  • Desires to connect more deeply with your femininity

Are you Ready to journey with me? 

I only work with a small number of 1:1 clients at one time.

Please book your discover call with me to see we are a good fit, and that I feel I can support you.

Please book here I'm looking forward to connecting with you.

Recent Testimonials

"Joining her one to one program has been a life changing experience

Jaime makes me feel extremely comfortable talking about scenarios that could be uncomfortable to address, her caring nature and understanding exudes through the screen and I am able to open up to her in ways I didn't realise I could.

She has navigated me through my own subconscious, using various techniques that challenge me, yet give me a sense of self realization and catharsis. 

I originally approached the sessions looking for answers on how to cope with 'infertility', I now feel like I am walking away from this term and onto a new path where I am self assured and looking forward to a bright future, whatever it may hold.

It has been an extremely humbling experience and I would recommend her to anyone who is suffering from the anxiety or stress that comes with the journey to motherhood."

- Jenna, England [2023]

I learned how to heal myself & do what was needed for my cycle to return

"I decided to work with Jaime when traditional medicine have failed me… I was put on contraceptives for over 8 years without any break in order to evoke my period which I haven’t had regularly since my puberty. Finally when after 8 years I said enough and decided to take control of my own health I came across with Jaime and Cyclical Living. Since I was off the pill and desperately wanted to learn all about how to support my body (so I could start my cyclical life) I started 1 on 1 sessions with Jaime.

The experience together helped me to learn about myself. Also how my feelings and emotions actually affects my physical body. I learned to understand that it’s all connected. Jaime walked me through series of different exercises that showed me how to ask the right questions so with the answers I learned how to heal myself, she was my support and therapy that was needed for my cycle to come back! Shortly after I also got pregnant although with my hormonal conditions I was told by traditional medicine it will be complicated… I am thankful for the time spent together and lessons that stayed me. Thank you Jaime"

- Simona, Lithuania [2023]

"I've never felt more empowered as a woman

I reached out to Jaime when I was struggling with a lack of confidence in my body and my sexuality. 

Jaime is gentle. She not only created a safe space for me to open up and share my vulnerabilities, but also allowed me to slow down and start being more gentle with myself. 

Jaime is resourceful. I learned a lot more from her than what I came for, from dealing with anxiety to boosting self-worth. I leave every session with tools and practices that are easy enough to be incorporated into my daily life - and they work!

After working with Jaime for 5 months, I can confidently say that I've never felt more empowered as a woman.

Jaime genuinely cares about me. She checked in with me when I was going through difficult situations. She got excited when I made progress. She gave me hope when I didn't have it, and I feel very blessed to have her in my life"

- Raya, Thailand [2023]