Are you ready to fall in love with your female body & connect to your sensual pleasure?

This 4-month self-paced course teaches you everything you need to know about using the FAM method as a way of tracking your cycle for health and birth control. But, it gets so much juicier than that!

This coaching program includes...

 Feminine Embodiment practices to Awaken your Sensuality

✓ Somatic Erotic practices to Connect to your Pleasure 

✓ Communicate with Confidence - guidance for sharing this with your (future) partner 

✓ Partner practices to Increase your Intimacy and Play in the bedroom

✓ Education and strategies to Reduce Stress and Access more Pleasure!

✓ Introduction to living cyclically to Connect to your Natural Feminine Rhythm 

PLUS bonus Masterclasses from our Guest Faculty 

 Jade Egg practice, with Hilary Kimball

✓ Sexual Differences Between Women & Men, with Justine Baruch

This 4-month program
is for YOU if you're ready to

 Access deeper intimacy with yourself and your (future) partner
 Know, love, honor and trust the wisdom of your feminine body
◆ Stop using the ‘pull out & pray’ everything will be okay method
◆ Make a conscious decision about your birth control choice -
one that is alignment with your values
◆ Tap into your sensuality and give full permission to be the embodied sensual woman you are!
◆ Let go of the fear of accidentally falling pregnant and bring more fun, play and love into your bedroom
◆ Express confidently your needs, desires and boundaries
◆ Be prepared and open to invite in a conscious relationship (if not already)
This course is designed to help you fall madly in love with yourself.
Your body confidence and self-love transmission ripples out to receive the love and intimacy you desire from your (future) partner.

Ready to Awaken your Empowered Sensuality?

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Price in USD
What's included in your 4-month coaching program?


 30min private consultation with Jaime Lauren

 4 x 30min private coaching sessions with Jaime to make sure you understand the method for your unique cycle (usually one a month)

 Learn the FAM method over 4 cycles (4 modules of pre-recorded education +10hours)

 Printable charting materials

 PDF NBC Guide (+50 pages)

 Lifetime access to the recorded material

✓ 3 months free charting with Read Your Body App

 Community Facebook group

 BONUS: +4 hours of  supportive for Increasing Intimacy in your Relationship

Program Outline

Module 1: Female Body Literacy

  • What is FAM/Natural Birth Control? 
  • Your reproductive anatomy & hormones 
  • How to read your fertility signs associated with the menstrual cycle 
  • How to chart your fertility signs (Cervical Fluid & BBT) 
  • Guidance for the next cycle to avoid pregnancy


Module 2: Charting for Health

  • The phases of the cycle 
  • Understanding the calculation rules for CF & BBT
  • What is a normal & healthy cycle?
  • Stress, pleasure and your hormones & strategies to manage your stress
  • Guidance for the next cycle to avoid pregnancy
Module 3: Cyclical Living for Empowerment
  • How to read your charts
  • Additional biomarkers to observe & chart
  • Menstrual Cycle Awareness 101 for cyclical living
  • How to communicate FAM with your (future) partner
  • Guidance for the next cycle to avoid pregnancy
  • Uncover your desires & boundaries

Module 4: Enhancing Your Pleasure

  • Understanding your pleasure shifts according to the phases of your cycle
  • Explore your pleasure exercise
  • FAM recommendations to avoid pregnancy
  • Managing FAM with confusing cycles
  • (Future) Partner intimacy practices


Feminine Embodiment & Somatic Erotic Practices
  • Womb Yoga practice 
  • Feminine embodiment practice 
  • Somatic erotic practice 
  • Breast massage 
  • Pleasure meditation
  • Yoni meditation
PLUS your sugar on top BONUS content!
  • Sexual Differences Between Women & Men, with Justine Baruch
  • Introduction to Jade Egg Practice, with Hillary Kimball 
  • FAM recommendations to achieve pregnancy in the future (if desired)
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My love, you are not alone!


It’s likely you didn’t know that there is another option! It's likely this Natural Birth Control (FAM) is new to you. It's crazy how no one told you before right? 

Don’t worry, I’ve got you girl! I spent one-year full time studying this scientific method to qualify as a FEMM Educator. And since then, I have taught many women just like you to Avoid Pregnancy (with 100% success rate) and to develop deep trust in the method and their body. 

Not only is this an opportunity to learn about your female body and how to manage your fertility for life. But you can’t help but open up to your Feminine Essence, your Confidence and Access Pleasure and Intimacy like never before!

Start Your Journey Now

Here's how you're going to get there

4 Modules

Filled with pre-recorded masterclasses and exercises to teach you the FAM method so you can confidently use it for life. Enjoy moving through the modules, one per month.

We meet one-on-one once a month to look at your personal charts, check your understanding of the method and discuss what is coming up for you. I am with you, supporting you the whole way.


Embodiment Practices


Guided practices are provided to encourage you to connect to your female body in a way you haven’t before. With love, tenderness and acceptance, thereby increasing your confidence, pleasure and intimacy with self.


Couple Exercises


Your (future) partner is going to benefit too. These couple exercises let you explore intimacy and play in your relationship. Do these now, or when you meet the right one!


Bonus Modules


Introduction to the yoni egg, a guided yoni egg practice, a guided Emotional Freedom Tapping practice to cut through limiting beliefs, and much more. All designed in mind to take you deeper into your sensuality and self empowerment.

When you join today, the cost for feeling like a Sensual, Empowered Woman who masters the art of Natural Birth Control for life is...


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What recent clients said...

"Jaime has hands down rocked my world as a FAM coach. Since working one on one with her, I chart my menstrual cycle on a daily basis.  All the dots are connecting as to how my hormones and emotions ebb and flow based on where I am in my cycle.
I’ve come out with a deeper appreciation, curiosity, intuition and knowledge about my cycle, body and overall health — on a scientific and spiritual level. I can safely say that with the tools Jaime has provided me, I look forward to using this natural approach to birth control.
Thank you Jaime for helping me develop such a deeper trust in my body's innate wisdom. You've inspired me to walk the path of greater freedom as a healthy, whole woman. You are an incredible teacher and any woman who works with you will be one lucky lady.”
— Tiffany, New York
"Learning Natural Birth Control with Jaime was life-changing. I can't believe it's taken 32 years for me to understand my menstrual cycle, and that this information isn’t taught to women everywhere!  
I've had many ups and downs through my cycle, but never had the knowledge or understanding to feel confident in owning my hormonal changes, or contraception.  
Jaime is so knowledgeable, passionate, and cares so deeply about helping women understand how their menstrual cycle affects their lives. She enabled me to understand things about myself that no doctor has ever been able to tell me! In fact, I now feel sad that so many doctors just prescribed me contraception so quickly, or suggested surgery to remove my fibroids without giving me tools to understand what was really happening in my body.
Jaime helped me to understand my own unique cycle. I feel confident in Jaime's scientific approach to contraception and am using her advice to prevent conceiving. Until I am ready to have a baby, and then I will be using the same FAM tracking to help me conceive!  This course is for every woman. It’s essential knowledge, no matter what life stage you are in. It’s information that I wish I had been taught as soon as I had a menstrual cycle. I highly recommend Jaime, it was such an amazing course!"
— Alexandra, Sydney

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is NBC?

It is a science-based FAM (fertility awareness method) that allows you to know when you are inside or outside of your fertile window, i.e. when you can or cannot fall pregnant. If you are outside of your fertile window, you can enjoy unprotected intercourse (yes really!). If you are in your fertile window, then you will avoid unprotected intercourse. 


How reliable is this method?

There are many fertility awareness methods, some are more reliable than others. The method I teach is Symptothermal, which means using more than two body signs to check your fertility status. This is the most effective method you can use. 

This method when used perfectly (which includes learning with a qualified educator) is +99% effective to avoid pregnancy. 


How long will it take me to learn it?

I will work closely with you one-on-one over 4 menstrual cycles to ensure you really understand the method and how to read your charts correctly, so you know how to avoid pregnancy with absolute confidence.

That said, you will be charting from day 1 and can start to use the birth control rules as soon as after one cycle (depending on your unique chart). 


What is the time commitment for this course and to use this method?

You will need about 3 hours a month to work through the content, 30mins for our private coaching call and roughly a total of 5 minutes a day for the method - which literally becomes a part of your everyday life.


I have heard this is like the rhythm method. Is it the same? 

Absolutely not. This method is not like the old rhythm method or any of the popular fertility apps (although people confuse the two - including Doctors unfortunately). 

There is no predicting ovulation in this training! This is because you cannot ever predict your day of ovulation (and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise).


What are the advantages of using NBC?

Greater involvement of partner to avoid pregnancy (men enjoy being involved in this process, it increases intimacy in the relationship)

No need to shut down your essential, powerful female system and replace it with synthetic hormones. Hallelujah! 

Your (future) partner can fully love you on many occasions throughout your cycle = more shared orgasms.

Removes fear and invites more openness and play in the bedroom. 

Increased communication between you and your (future) partner.

Knowledge on how to effortlessly fall pregnant if desired at a later date.

Empowering yourself with taking charge of your body and fertility consciously

The list goes on!!


What are the disadvantages of using BC?

You need to use it consistently every day (don’t worry, it becomes a habit, like brushing your teeth). 

There will be 6-8 days where it is recommended not to have unprotected intercourse each month (that’s why you get couple exercises to explore during this time - or you can use a condom).

Training is essential (that’s this course. You will have material for life! If/when you want to fall pregnant, you have the tools to know how to achieve that easily too).

No protection from STIs (this method is recommended for those that are in a relationship or getting ready to be, not recommended for one night stands).

Usually takes several months of monitoring your cycle to note patterns (true, but I give you safe opportunities to go ahead with, from your second cycle of charting).


I am currently on birth control, I want to come off and do this course, what should I do?

Awesome my love, I celebrate you! I have supported many women successfully and easefully transition off from birth control and learn this method. 

You can purchase ‘Transitioning off Birth Control’ Masterclass. Or, if you sign up for the NBC course today, you will receive a 50% discount off the BC course.


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"I felt tired, disconnected & had low libido. Now  I feel liberated, safe, free from fear & in deep connection with my yoni. My love making is better, because I am now free in my mind."

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