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Coming off Birth Control Support

Making the move to come off birth control can feel challenging and daunting, with the lack of education and support available in our medical system.

Common concerns that I hear from women are:

> How long will it take for my period to return?

> What if my pre-contraception symptoms return (painful periods/skin problems/PMS etc)?

> When & how should I do stop/remove the birth control?

> Is there anything I can do to help my body return to it's natural self, with ease?

> I don't want to fall pregnant yet. I don't want synthetic hormones in my body, I want something natural but what is there?!

> I want to fall pregnant, how can I prepare for this?


If you're on the contraceptive pill, injection, have an IUD, Mirena coil, Implant, or any other device, this workshop is for you.

You will walk away from this 2.5 hour webinar feeling empowered by:

✔️ Feeling prepared for your transition, knowing what to expect & how to best support yourself

✔️ Knowing the #3 essential things to do when coming off birth control to support a healthy transition & avoid burn out 

✔️ Gaining diet & supplements recommendations to support your hormones return to a healthy balanced state, asap!

✔️ Learning resources & self care practices to support your hormones to rebalance and stay balanced

✔️ Gaining an awareness of a +99% effective natural birth control option

✔️ Knowing your body, your reproductive health & understanding the importance of your menstrual cycle 



Masterclass #1 - What you need to know about Fertility Apps: the good, the bad & the ugly (20m)

Masterclass #2 - Demystifying Natural Birth Control - Understanding Your Body’s Hormone & Fertility Cycles (1hr)



🌹 "Thank you again for hosting such an empowering workshop this weekend. I left feeling truly ready and excited to begin my journey of coming off bc and in a space of connectivity with my body and femininity" Niki, USA

🌹 I am struggling to express how much I enjoyed this session. It was so useful. Jaime is so passionate, engaging and delivers the messages very clearly. I am excited to explore learning more about the Natural Birth Control Method with Jaime. Thank you so much". Francy, England



Jaime is a Holistic Menstrual Coach, Fertility Awareness & Natural Birth Control Educator, and Womb Yoga Teacher

Her wish is for every woman to be empowered by intimately knowing her body, feeling connected to her womb space, effortlessly flowing in her cyclical nature with deep reverence for her menstrual cycle.

She coaches women to live in alignment with the menstrual cycle for physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. She educates women on how to read their body signs as a way of managing their fertility naturally (to avoid or achieve pregnancy) and manage their overall health.

Coming from years of fertility complications herself, she fell on a journey of healing and self-discovery through the practice of Menstrual Cycle Awareness and aligning with the changing energies of the cycle.

She has trained in various disciplines, including FEMM and Red School to support this work allowing for a mind-body-spirit approach.