-- 4 workshops, 4 weeks, 1 menstrual cycle --

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This 4-week course is designed to Awaken the Wisdom that’s already within you, so you feel Alive & Confident in your body.

The menstrual cycle is the key to unlocking your self love and self confidence to show up as the real, authentic woman that you are.

Women all over the world are waking up to the power of their menstrual cycle, are you ready to join them?


In your menstruating years, you have a hormonal cycle of ~28 days, moving through 4 unique phases, just like the moon. Each of these phases influences you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
So yes, you’re kinda like 4 women in one cycle! 
That's why sometimes you feel motivated and on fire, and at other times, like you want to curl up and stay in bed all day.
Join this workshop to make sense of your emotional experiences as a woman. You will discover the truth about your female body, and how to best support yourself so you can glide through your cycle with ease.

By joining this course you will...

~ Gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for your female body by receiving the education you wish you'd received at mid-school
~ Re-frame your relationship with bleeding, leaving you feeling more confident to your body and looking forward to this sacred time in your cycle
​~ Adopt a mindfulness practice called Menstrual Cycle Awareness (MCA), a practice of self-inquiry to understand your unique flow
​​~ Take away tools to manage and reduce PMS and Period Pain - you don’t have to experience pain my love
~ Cultivate an awareness of your needs and boundaries, improving your relationships at home, work and romantically
"Jaime's Love Your Cycle 4-week program changed my life

I learnt so much about my body and emotions that I treat myself with infinitely more grace, love and kindness, and that is priceless.

I have more to learn but already have pain free, healthy and joyful cycles without hormonal birth control.

The knock on effects of this include reduced hormonal breakouts and a far better relationship with food.

I can't help but think of the impact that teaching these things to all people at a young age would have!"

Included in the course

~ 4 x pre-recorded 60 minute videos 
​~ Printable charting materials
~ Community Facebook group
Bonus: Introduction to Natural Birth Control Masterclass 
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Program Outline

Week 1: Know your female body 

  • Female anatomy & your hormones
  • Signs of hormonal imbalance
  • The inner seasons’ of the menstrual cycle
  • Create a cycle charting practice


Week 2: Exploration of Inner Winter

  • Your relationship with menstruation
  • The gifts of the Inner Winter phase (menstruation)
  • How to support and care for yourself during this sacred time (including pain relief)

Week 3: Exploration of Inner Spring & Summer

  • Learn how to prepare for Summer time & why it's important!

  • The flow & gifts of pre ovulation & ovulation

  •  How to utilise this time of playfulness & productivity

Week 4: The Truth & Power of Inner Autumn
  • Get clear on your needs, desires & boundaries
  • Tap into the power of PMS
  • Essential self care practices to relieve tension and support hormonal balance


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What women are saying

Shocking that we're not taught this in schools

 This course gave me the knowledge to understand myself deeper from a scientific and spiritual perspective. Jaime shared essential information about our biology (shocking that we're not taught this in schools).

With the better understanding of the inner-seasons, I am able to give myself permission to work with my body, not against it. I feel I am discovering an essential bio-hack to live an optimised life and my relationships (internal and external).” 

— Lily, Australia

It helped me to better support my female students

"As a Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master, Jaime’s training gave me more awareness and knowledge regarding the woman’s cycle. I have used this knowledge with my clients, during my classes and during my reiki sessions. I highly recommend her workshops if you work in a Wellness and Holistic Journey, or for your own insight."

— Vanessa

I now have a deeper relationship with myself as a whole

 ​“Every woman should take this course! I feel so empowered now that I understand what is going on within my body throughout each cycle. I've been able to strip down so many cultural layers that weren't in alignment with my feminine essence and I now have a deeper relationship with myself as a whole.

— Aurelli

My period returned during the course, after 18 months of not having one!

"When I joined this online course I had not had a period for 1.5 years! I was so happy to have my flow return during the course!

I have a greater understanding of my cycle and a more peaceful, harmonious connection with my womb.

I recommend this course to anyone who would like to connect with and heal their menstrual cycle.

Thank you for sharing the womb wisdom Jaime"

— Chelsea, Sydney 

Stripped down so many cultural layers that weren't in alignment with my feminine essence


“Every woman should take this course! I feel so empowered now that I understand what is going on within my body throughout each cycle. I've been able to strip down so many cultural layers that weren't in alignment with my feminine essence and I now have a deeper relationship with myself as a whole.

I've been applying Jaime's menstrual teachings to my everyday life and will continue to do so. I'm so grateful I said yes to loving and learning about my body as a woman.”

— Areli, Thailand

I developed a strong sense of connection with my womb and my body


"The content of the course was excellent; a good balance of science with spirituality, interesting, well structured. It really helped me to learn about and understand my cycle.

The womb yoga gave me a deeply connected experience with my body. I developed an understanding of my own body's cycle, rhythm, and flow, which gave me a strong sense of connection.

I feel very grateful to have learned from Jaime who is a beautiful soul. She's a knowledgeable and experienced facilitator, and her passion comes through in every element of the course. She is playful, kind, and fun, with the right amount of humor and lightheartedness.

I highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in their own body, how it works, and how their menstrual cycle affects every day of their life.

— Sammy, Wales